Banditapple Carnets

I’ve been reading through Notebook Stories now and then to fulfil an obsession (no chance to buy, read about them!) and chanced upon this post which linked to this blog post by Okami which in turn linked to Bleistift’s blog post, and they were all about Banditapple Carnets, which are notebooks created by this South Korean guy who quit his job and went to Vietnam to create the perfect note book.

Banditapple carnets on the right -Image courtesy of

So what am I talking about here? err, let me gather my thoughts…

(a) I love South Korea

(b) I’m planning to go to South Korea next year

(c) I’m planning to go to South Korea and go crazy buying notebooks and stationery

(d) Does anybody know where I can buy Banditapple Carnets in Seoul? Kyobo Books? 10×10?



2 thoughts on “Banditapple Carnets

  1. YES,

    You can buy our “Banditapple Carnet”

    -Hottracks Gwanghwamun
    -Hottracks Gangnam
    -Hottracks Time Square
    -Hottracks Jamsil
    -Hottracks on-line

    -10×10, Kimpo Airport

    • wow! Thanks for your reply Arnie! I’ll definitely keep these places in mind when planning my Seoul trip for 2012! In the meantime, hope your business is booming!

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