From Paper to Dreams Come True

I went slightly crazy at Gmarket today, searching for new planners and diaries to use in 2012, and ended up with about S$650 worth of diaries, planners, notebooks, assorted stationery and zakka in my shopping cart.

What struck me the most wasn’t that, it was this quote by Greg S. Reid (included as a description for these beautiful pseudo-vintage-cover diaries):

A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a PLAN.
A plan backed by ACTION makes your dream come true.

and translated into Korean:

끔을 날짜와 함께 적어놓으면 그것은 목표가 되고,
목표를 잘게 나누면 그것은 계획 이되며,
그계획을 실행에 옮기면 끔은 실현되는 것이다.

I’ll remember this for my planner for next year.


9 thoughts on “From Paper to Dreams Come True

  1. I always adored such typical korean stationaries with their color combination and tidy simplicity. I’d also recommend products from invite.L and The Iconic:

    I live in Europe and I ordered korean stationary products from eBay reseller. The products are really cheaper, even cheaper than any Moleskine products. This reseller is very friendly and always attaches freebies to the order:

  2. Hi calculi, it’s great to find a fellow fan of korean stationery. Thanks for your comments and your recommendations, I’ll be sure to check them out! Maybe I’ll do some reviews of these online sellers soon 🙂

    • Cool! I was just surprised to find out how many korean stationaries I use everyday. I would like to get more, so I’m desperately looking forward to your reviews. 🙂

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