Free notebooks for Uni students

UCL students receive 9,000 free notebooks at the start of January 2012.

That’s a fantastic idea. Having grown up and studied in the 80’s and early 90’s, I still find it disturbing when even primary (elementary) school students carry out their research and projects on computers and laptops.

The notebooks are provided by Inscribe Notebooks and on their site, they say their aim is to create a new kind of notebook which, through carefully selected advertising, could support every students writing, drawing, studying and thinking – 100% free of charge.  It’s so much better than my university, where we just bought normal branded impersonal writing pads.

This reminds me of when my secondary school (junior high – high school) gave away a school-themed diary every year with space for school calendars, timetables and such.  I think I still have it around, and this has inspired me to dig it out and show it off to the world.  Coming soon!

By the way, I probably shouldn’t, but I wonder if I can get me one of those UCL notebooks 😛


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