Converted By Moles

Moleskine that is.

Yup, contrary to what I swore upside down in.the past, I’ve become one of millions of Moleskine converts. I couldn’t resist laying my hands on one when I was in Hong Kong a few weeks back. Wandering through the shelves at Page One, one can’t help but be mersmerised into carrying a few notebooks to the cashier and surrendering one’s credit card.

So here it is. My very first Moleskine. I haven’t figured out what I’m going to use it.for, but before I could decide…

My very first moleskine, Large Ruled.

I laid my paws on a second one, yes I fell pretty hard for this plain yet very captivating and very expensive notebook.

My second.Moleskine, Large Ruled 18-Month Weekly Planner

Fresh from the envelope, shipped from the U.S…and I am horrified to realise its extremely different from the one  bought in Hong Kong.


Not sure if the picture is clear enough, but the spine of the large ruled from HK (on the bottom) is very obvious while there’s none on the planner from U.S. Both are soft covers…I like it when my notebooks and textbooks can be rolled up.

The feel of the cover is also very different, the planner has a very nice leathery soft touch to it, while in comparison, the notebook cover feels slightly harder and almost like vanguard paper. You can almost tell the difference in the image above. That’s bad!


I was also disappointed that the ruled lines of the notebook don’t go all the way to the top of the page, but have been forewarned by many other Moleskine blog posts talking about this ‘new’ feature after production shifted to China.

Moleskine Large 18-Month Weekly Planner…it comes with stickers!

Surprise surprise, the ones on the planner do.

I’m very happy that I’ve been converted to Moleskines (what manner of clever witticisms or insightful travel journals or beautiful life-like pencil sketches shall I be inspired to!), but what’s with the difference in production? Anybody knows? It’s quite disappointing because even the quality and colour of paper is very different, the cover most of all.

Oh yes, I have been woefully neglectful about this blog, but I have a haul of notebooks from Taiwan in Dec and HK last month (including a very pretty orange one from Paper Thinks, and another from Ciak) which I shall, hopefully! take photos of and be bothered to blog about soon! My new HTC One X makes photos very easy now!

This post and images within was entirely produced on the HTC One X, the world’s sexiest phone.


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