Which Pen for What Paper?

I started using my first Moleskine today, an 18 month weekly planner, after seeing this, and thinking it’s about time.


I’m not sure kind of pen I should use on the rather thin paper though. I bought 2 Aopo exam gel ink pens over the weekend that are slightly smudgy, top and bottom ones. There’s also a Jetstream ballpoint clicker, nice smooth writing and dark blue ink. But I personally prefer a slightly scratchy pen and/or paper. Lastly my pink Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint. I’ve loved using the V5 ever since the blue one saw me through hours and hours of essay writing during my school exams.

The paper on the Moleskine is really rather thin, thinner than my usual preference, which is thin enough that the words go through to the next page, but not thin enough for the ink to seep through to.

What other kinds of writing materials are suitable for the thin paper in the Moleskine? Any suggestions?

This post and images within was entirely produced on the HTC One X, the world’s sexiest phone.


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