Your story, to be continued

It seems that whenever I don’t make plans to go to Taiwan, Eslite Bookshops (誠品書店, one of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan and China, also famous for the 24-hour outlet in Taipei) comes up with something to tempt and urge me to change destinations.  I’m heading to South Korea this year for my year-end holidays, seeking the cold weather, and this is what Eslite has come up with.


I haven’t studied the page in detail yet, but there are links to the different 2013 diaries, planners and notebooks that are on sale, with discounts starting at 10-15%. And an exclusive (?) peek at some Yoshitomo Nara diaries.  I had no idea the artist of these cartoons is a man…until now.

I could picture myself leafing through all these planners that are already on sale, so thank goodness I already have an 18-month planner lasting till Dec 2013… *blast it, why did I buy an 18-month one?*

Oh, on a related note, I’m heading to South Korea for almost 2 weeks, and hoping to pick up some Banditapple carnets!


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