Paper dreaming robots

I haven’t done much in terms of stationery shopping recently.  Either there’s a dearth of good affordable stationery in Singapore, or I’m just cheap.  I mean in Singapore, you get the high-end stuff: there are a few places where you can get ‘premium’ notebooks (usually Moleskine) or pens (Lamy), or designer boutiques (ranging from Faber-Castell to Montblanc); or it’s really low-end China-made cutey-pie faux-japanese-anime-korean-whimsy-cute stuff.  I don’t seem to know of any mid-to-high end stationery shops which carry the better brands or independent stationery brands that are good for browsing.  If anyone knows of any, let me know!

Anyway, I had time on Wednesday before my Korean class, so I went into one of the lower-end shops (讀意, it’s like a Popular  but I don’t know what’s the equivalent in the US…Wal-mart?). They were having some mark-downs on diaries and notebooks, so I decided I liked these rather whimsical notebook covers.

Dreaming robots
Dreaming robots

On the spine, it says “Dreaming Robot”.  There are 3 colours (I got all of them), and around A6 (?) size.  Each costs S$3.40, they’re made in Shanghai, quite thick, but still rather light, because the pages are very thin (they’re off-white blank pages btw).  The designs are obviously a rip-off of the Tinman, but I love the colours and the illustrations, and I think they’ll make rather nice…presents, ha.



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