stationery sunday: hauls

Even though I have not been updating this blog, I have still been spending money, a bit too much of it, on a lot of stationery.  Specifically, I hauled quite a bit of merchandise back to Singapore, during my trip to Taiwan in October last year, and another trip to Korea in February this year.

There’s nothing spectacular or of note in either haul, but I did take the chance to go to some stationery shops in both countries which specalise in stationery.

Taiwan seems to have been having a resurgence of, or perhaps have always had, interest in stationery, journalling, sketching and similar artistic pursuits and the associated tools.  The culture there is very much influenced by the stationery culture of Japan.  Two particular shops of note sprung up in the last couple of years.  One is ToolstoLiveBy (禮拜文房具) in Taipei and the other is 本東倉庫商店 in Kaohsiung.

I might perhaps review or describe the shops in future posts, but not today.  Having gone to both, I much prefer ToolsToLiveBy (it has an interesting backstory) as I feel it is more Western-influenced and not so whimsy-cute as many stationery stores in Asia tend to be.

There’s also a strong following in Korea, but not being too familiar with the country or the language, I was not able to discover any independent stationery / writing instruments stores along the same lines of ToolstoLiveBy.  I did want to buy some Banditapple carnets while in Seoul, but was not able to come by any.

Enough rambling.  Here are some pictures of my haul.  First from Taiwan.

And from Seoul, Korea.


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