moleskine monday: The Hobbit 2013

After my previous Moleskine haul back in 1 January 2013 for these Hobbit and Star Wars Moleskines, nerdily enough, I did another one on 1 January 2014.

The Hobbit Moleskines 2012
The Hobbit Moleskines 2012. Purchased New Year’s Day 2013.

I was surfing Fishpond trying to decide which journal I wanted to use for 2014, when I discovered that the Hobbit Moleskines had undergone a 2013 transformation. Of course I had to have them.

So now I do.

The Hobbit Moleskines 2013
The Hobbit Moleskines 2013. Purchased New Year’s Day 2014.

People probably think that it is sad for someone to be online-shopping for stationery on New Year’s Day. Part of me thinks I am a loser, but most of me is still quite happy about it.


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