notebook sightings: be still my heart, it’s a Sherlock notebook

Oh my. I was randomly surfing WordPress for journal / fountain pen entries when I came across a post with a very cute video about the Hobonichi Techo diary.  A few links later, I was watching this video, and reading the corresponding blog post on The Write Obsession.  Of course I had to scroll down, AND I came across THIS post, the oh my part.

Wicked #Sherlock Notebook pre-order from @BBCShop

I do not know how this got onto his radar but thank you! I think I also need to refine my personal radar too. Things like these never appear in my Google alert emails.

My heart actually beat a little faster while clicking on the link to the BBCWorldwide shop as I was afraid it might be sold out, or still unavailable. The Sherlock notebook is THERE! It is still available! And I had to place my order before coming back to complete this post.

Description: Designed with 221B Baker Street in mind this stylish soft touch notebook features an embossed skull design on the front cover with red elastic closure band. Sherlock’s iconic wallpaper print adorns the inside front and back covers.   It is A5-sized, has 250 pages of ruled cream-coloured paper, and apparently a red ribbon marker. There seems to be a pen holder too, based on the picture.

I am not overcome with delight at the skull design as I have a love-hate relationship with skull designs (but that is a whole other story), but I cannot wait to see the wallpaper print on the inside front and back covers. I am already in love with the embossed “Sherlock” text and design at the bottom of the front cover.  I like the red elastic band too, I find it lends a classy touch to the all-black cover.

I am feeling very guilty about spending so much money on an impulse buy, but it seems I cannot resist buying themed Moleskines or Moleskine-styled notebooks. There is something about that iconic black soft-touch cover, the elastic band and the rounded corners that just captivates me. What’s more, this is Sherlock. Come on, it’s Sherlock. Sher-lock.


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