A Beginner’s (budget) Fountain Pen Collection

If you are just beginning to get into fountain pens, this is what a collection might look like. This was collected over a few weekends’ worth of shopping and mind you, I do have a limited budget to play with most months. What is good about these pens is the affordable price range (from S$1.50 to $40) which allows them to serve as EDC pens that can easily knock about in your bag without causing heartache.

What a beginner's fountain pen collection looks likea
What a beginner’s fountain pen collection looks like

My modest collection from l-r:

  • 2 Platinum Preppys in purple and blue-black (I have 4 more different coloured ones that are still in their packaging),
  • Lamy Safari Neon Coral with its black ink cartridge (Thanks Goulet Pens!)
  • Hero Summer Colour in Purple with a supplied blue-black ink cartridge,
  • Hero 372-2 with Pelikan 4001 Violet ink,
  • Hero 382 with Pelikan 4001 Turkis ink (love love love this colour!),
  • Hero 336 with Queen Blue ink,
  • Pilot Metropolitan Black Dots with Pilot Namiki Sepia Ink cartridge
  • and finally the Pilot Kakuno with the supplied black ink cartridge.


Due to my penchant for Made-in-China and cheapies though, the Pelikan Souveräns that I drool over will still have to wait.


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