Inked! 15 Sept 2014

Even though I don’t have that many pens and inks to rotate through, I am already finding it hard to keep track of which pens are inked with which ink at the moment. The main reason is because I do not write much. I work in marketing in a software company, so I barely need to touch pen to paper. At home, I do not as yet have a proper writing area/desk set up, so I am just too lazy to move my laptop around for the extra writing space.

But I digress, as usual. I just though it will be fun to keep track of pens and the ink in them, although goodness knows how long I will keep up with it.

Oh well, for what it is worth, this week I have (from top to bottom)

  • TWSBI Diamond 580RB w Pelikan 4001 Turkis
  • Hero Summer Colours w Snow White (Hero compatible) blue catridge
  • Jinhao 599 Clear Orange w Private Reserve Shoreline Gold
  • Hero 372-2 w Patton
Inked! 15 Sept 2014
Cleaning out some pens and re-inking them

I did a quick clean of the bottom three, and am re-inking them with my new China BBS inks

  • Hero 336 (burgundy) w Deep Plum 絳紫
  • Platinum Preppy w Zhou Xuan 周旋
  • Hero 382 w Suzaku 朱雀
Inked with China inks
Cleaned out and am going to re-ink these 3 pens with these 3 inks

Zhou Xuan 周旋 looks like it will be a fun, witchy green ink with sexy shading. I wish I had a nice broad or flex nib to try it out. I had to fill the Preppy cartridge with a syringe. Look at the colour when I drew up water to clean the syringe.

Inked with Zhou Xuan
Cleaning out Zhou Xuan from the syringe. So witchy!

I shall be trying them out tomorrow. Wonder what I shall write as samples. Any suggestions?


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