It’s either serendipity, or there are Noodler gods testing me

I’m a big fat liar. In yesterday’s post, when I said I wasn’t going to haul this month, I lied. . . . Because I bought something, and I’m really EXCITED about it!  Although…I have no idea when I’ll be receiving it.

What’s all this about? Well, I have been wanting for some time to get a Noodler’s flex pen to play with. So last month, when I got a bit tired of trawling Taobao, I went to Gouletpens to shop around (most girls go to Orchard Road, I hit up GouletPens, it’s bad, I know) and had some fun shopping for Noodler’s pens.

I also came across OFP’s Noodler’s Creaper review, AND GourmetPen’s reivew also of the Creaper, and it just made me. WANT. ONE. EVEN. MORE. I just consider it serendipitous that both reviews came out JUST as I was shopping around for one. Or maybe I just blame them for making me spend more money ^_^  *kidding*

And just how much serendipity causes Massdrop to offer their Noodler’s Pen and Ink drop again, JUST at this time, I don’t know. I think fountain-pen-powers-that-be find it fun to test mere mortals like me. I got hypnotised and mesmerized, and clicked on ‘BUY’ before I knew what was happening. I did not even visit GouletPens to do a bit of calculation before my mouse went clicky.

Noodler’s Pen and Ink Drop (2 Pens and 2 Inks)

Noodler's Pen and Ink Massdrop (2 Pens and 2 Inks)

There were 8 inks (90ml) and 9 pens (3 Ahab, 3 Konrad, 3 Creaper) to select from. You select 2 inks and 2 pens. I paid US$65 including shipping (The Ahab and Konrad are $5 more).

By the time I had come in on it, a lot were not available anymore. So I finally settled for:

Bernanke Blue Ink (lucky me because I LOVE turquoise inks) / Bad Black Moccasin Ink  / Ahab Blue Lapis / Creaper Red

Images are copyright to Goulet Pens, I’m only borrowing!

I really wanted a Konrad (Clear Demo or Hudsons Bay) because it’s a smaller pen, and a Creaper because of the 2 reviews, but no luck. I quite like the look of the Lapis, but am rather concerned about the size of the Ahab.I am also concerned about this smell that Noodler’s pens are known for. What IS THIS SMELL? Does it stink or is it just uncomfortable? Will it get on my hands? So many questions! The suspense is killing me.

I can’t wait for the package to reach me, but apparently Massdrop isn’t known for quick overseas deliveries.  i can’t blame them though, shipping heavy bottles of ink is an expensive business. Maybe I’ll receive it in time for Christmas, that’d be fantastic!

So if you are on the lookout for some Noodler’s flex pens and/or ink, go join Massdrop now! And then go visit the Noodler’s drop page and request for it because they will revive it when they hit 200 requests! I’m 70! Go, click request, now!


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