Planner? Diarist? List-Keeper? Bullet Journaler? What kind of beast are you?

I’ve been realizing, as I grow older, my ability to remain focused on multi-tasking is weakening rapidly. Whether personal or job-wise, I find that my thoughts and therefore my work is extremely scattered.

I often start something or mean to start it, be it a blog post or a series of, flyer design, social media timetable, reading a book, and find myself wavering between any and all of these tasks without actually bringing any of them to completion. Finally I just get frustrated with everything and leave it all undone, while I end up watching TV or Youtube videos.


So I have been toying with getting myself organized with some form of journaling or diary or list-keeping or brain-dumping. I have watched oodles of Youtube videos about this topic, but the majority seems to be soccer moms or uni student vloggers with a penchant for either Filofaxes (I detest) or the Midori Travelers’ Notebook (too expensive). They also tend to be extremely over-organized (plain scary), waver from style to style trying to find the right one (no help), have long meandering monologues about dogs, children and Ikea while saying “literally” literally every minute (oh dear), or just washi-tape the hell out of e-ver-yyy-thing (oh dear gawd). And they always have multiple planners/journals/diaries/notebooks and each stuffed so full it’s fit to burst. Ok, I digress. Nothing against any of these vloggers, their work or their videos. Everybody stays organized their own way.

My point is:

I have heard the term ‘bullet journalling’ thrown around for the past several months, although nobody explained (just washi-taped and bulleted alot) or attributed any creator. It was only last week that I finally researched it and came across the video above by BookParty! and realised it is a very young concept. Well, not everything that makes up the concept, like the journals, bullets, calendars.

But putting everything together into the whole idea of bullet journaling was conceptualized and internetted and Youtubed by Ryder Carroll, an art director and interaction designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Hmm, no idea when it started, but the video was put on Youube about a year ago.

I like it.  I like that it is succinct, to-the-point. I like that it is almost like a form of brain-dump. I like that you do not have to washi-tape it or highlight it or use 15 different coloured pens.

I have started using a brain-dump/to-do list based on bullet journaling for my work for the past few days, and it seems to be keeping me on track. For obvious reason, I can’t upload a photo of that.

I am still watching other videos, gathering ideas, and trying to work out what will work for me. It will probably be the bullet journal (or something modified) for work, and I am keen to just keep a brain dump journal for personal. My work revolves a lot around projects and tasks and deadlines, but personal is pretty much taking one day at a time.

I also like to keep things like travel journals (TRYING) separate, and I want to keep a couple of journals for collections (see the website for an explanation) such as quotes or book reviews. I ALSO (ambitious, huh) want to carry on what I started this year, which is a rambling kind-of journal or diary. I started this year, after getting into fountain pens, just so I could have a reason to use them. But I have not worked my way up to daily entries yet. I manage to cover a (Moleskine) page each time, which is good, but I’d like to do more.

this is only part of 1 tower of notebooks
this is only part of 1 tower of notebooks

None of these have been started yet though (ambitious but lazy, we all know that person). My travel ‘journals’ are stuffed with cuttings and tickets and what-nots. I am eyeing a few notebooks in my collection to become brain-dumps or collection journals, but they are still wearing their plastic packaging. I have ordered a day-a-page 2015 Moleskine and set it up, somewhat. And so the procrastination continues… To be honest, I think I just like the idea of having ideas and setting up projects and buying expensve notebooks.

What kind of journaler/planner/diarist/list-keeper are you?  If you have any ideas or concepts, feel free to leave a comment or a link or a video, so that you can contribute to me being all organized and non-procrastinatory and living a whole new life come 2015. Please? help?


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