Stationery unbox: Wooden Mechanical Pencil N Seoul Tower

I have something absolutely random to blog about today, a wooden mechanical pencil!

N Seoul Tower pencil
N Seoul Tower pencil. That little logo up top is the N Seoul Tower, with it’s mascot the NSarang Gom waving.

Most people probably know this, but Asians, especially the Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese girls, love kawaii stationery. I’m none of those, but have been trying to wean myself off this habit (guilty!). I still occasionally find myself shelling out precious money for something like this.

it’s just a neat little jumbo wooden pencil that houses a mechanical pencil, that I cannot repair once it spoils, as there are no removable parts. But I do have a slight weakness for traditional wooden pencils. So when it comes with a mechanical pencil inside, how cute is it?!

I bought it at N Seoul Tower in Seoul for KRW3,200 (about US$3). Tourist trap + stationery trap. See what I mean about shelling out precious money?

N Seoul Tower pencil
N Seoul Tower wooden pencil?

But it is cute, and it does work pretty okay. Well, it writes. And the eraser on top is an actual eraser, although I would NOT use it. You remove it and see a little tube, where you can feed the pencil lead.  I think it is probably a 0.5mm.  The one solitary piece of lead that is in it is not great. It writes squeakily. I think it could be a HB, and I am pressing too hard to see some colour, which might explain the squeaking.

N Seoul Tower pencil
N Seoul Tower pencil

Ah well, what can you do? Us stationery-lovers simply just fall for stuff like this all the time, even if it says “Papel Stationery”  which means what?

N Seoul Tower pencil
N Seoul Tower pencil

Isn’t it weird that you go halfway around the world and always find things “Made in China” and change your mind about buying them? Then you just go to Seoul, and find a pencil that’s Made in Taiwan! Cheers!


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