It’s a Thing! #NaJoWriMo

I did not know this was a thing! I came across either via G+ or Twitter, while whoring my blog post.  #NaJoWriMo,based off on NaNoWriMo, is National Journal Writing Month.

I have already declared,since the beginning of the year, that I will try my darndest best to journal everyday this year inside my day-per-page Moleskine, and here, out of nowhere, I came across this thing! How serendipitous!  I wonder if it is too late to join in the January NaJoWriMo though.

Moleskine Soft Cover Daily Diary/Planner
My Moleskine Soft Cover Daily Diary/Planner features one day per page, just nice for journaling!

According to the website, it is a new initiative (blog posts date back to Dec 2014) and January is the first time it is happening.  It will be hosted in January, April, July and October. Participants are challenged to complete 30-31 days of journaling during these months.  Journals can be on any medium, whether electronic or paper.

Why  Join #NaJoWriMo National Journal Writing Month?

There are also three levels of NaJoWriMo. At beginner level, you aim to do one journal entry a day. At intermediate, you write daily, and aim to complete 15,000 words words of journal writing in that month.  At advanced level, you write daily according to themes and prompts that are given on the website.  I see interesting ones for this month like ‘Respond to a social network post’ and ‘Create a plot for a movie or novel’.

Sign me up for beginner level, let’s!  I am already halfway through though, am I cheating?

#NaJoWriMo National Journal Writing Month
I started #NaJoWriMo (National Journal Writing Month) today!

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