Journaling: Daily and Bullet in One Moleskine – January update

Here’s a more detailed update to my previous post on how I bullet and daily journal in a Moleskine.

First the bullet journal: I’m still using the washi-taped pages as my monthly task list, as below. In fact, January became such a busy month, I almost ran out of space.  I am planning to rip out the page on the left (after I finish posting this), as I am not using this as the monthly view anymore.  Ripping it out will reduce the thickness.  The daily Moleskine is already thick, and with their current level of workmanship, I shudder to think of the consequences if I stuff too much in.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
Continuing my BuJo month-at-a-glance spread

As for the monthly view, I am using Moleskine’s already printed monthly view, which is the same format and serves the same purpose. What is even better is I get 4 months on a spread, which makes future planning (if necessary) slightly easier to view. For example, I’m going to Korea in April, and I have that in blue. Looking at this spread reminds me of how much time is there left, say, to start planning, or to get work finished before I fly off.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
Using the Molesline monthly view as my BuJo monthly view. The 4-month view makes future planning slightly easier. Example, my holiday in April is already indicated.

Daily spreads: I have mentioned before that this is a personal BuJo, and I live a rather quiet life, just work and home, so I don’t need much BuJo space.  I am trying to track my food intake, nothing spectacular, just a list of foods I eat a day. I don’t want to track calories or sugar intake or what not, it becomes too obsessive after a while, and turns me off the journaling habit (and turns me off eating healthily too).

Based on December and January, I use no more than 3 to 4 spreads for a month’s worth of daily bullet journaling, so that’s the number of pages I’ll paste into February.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
A typical daily spread in my personal BuJo

Bullets and signifiers:  I don’t have a key index or wha’cha might call it.  Anyway, I don’t have much going on, so I use the basic trio: ‘squares’ for tasks, ‘triangles’ for events / appointments and ‘dots’ for notes.  I used ‘dots’ for food too, but saw a suggestion on the Google+ BuJo community to use a fork/spoon icon for it, so I tried that out.

For signiifers, I use ‘$’ for anything concerning money (mainly payments and spending), and ‘!’ exclamation mark if it’s important.

I don’t normally record cleaning tasks or household chores, because it seems unnecessary. Clean the house, water the plants, do the laundry, those are supposed to be done weekly, or at least regularly, aren’t they? But since Lunar New Year is coming soon, and there’s only a limited time to complete my tasks, I put them into the BuJo, and used the Chinese character for Spring ‘春’ as a signifier.  If you learn other languages, or at least know some characters, I think it’s a good idea to use them as signifiers, as they would stand out a lot.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
Bullets and signifiers: I use the basic trio of bullets. What do you use?

I’m not too sure what I want to use for the migration signifier though.  I tried using an arrow (both straight and squiggly) pointing left through the task box, but neither are quite working for me.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
Updated the January view while taking photos. Migrated most tasks to February, but I don’t what to use as a migration signifier

The next month:  As you can see, I’ve migrated some of my tasks over to February. As decided, the ‘first page’ of the February BuJo is missing, since I don’t need to have the monthly view here. It reduces a piece of paper, and I don’t have to see a blank page everytime I turn here. (The back of the monthly view would be blank).

As mentioned in my last post, I washi-tape loose-leaf pages into the Moleskine (in between months) to use as my BuJo. The daily Moleskine pages are used for daily journaling.  Sometimes it ends nicely, and my BuJo ‘separates’ the months.  In the below picture, 31 January is on the left.  My Feburary BuJo is on the right, and once I flip that over, it’s 1 February, making for a nice separator.  Some months it doesn’t, but I can live with that.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
The February monthly tasks view

I also kept up with my hope of journaling a page a day.  Most of it is still Hobonichi-inspired, but I quite like the page-full-of-words effect that happened on 30 January too.  I am still using gel pens almost exclusively for this due to the paper quality (woe are my fountain pens). I do love gel pens, especially their colours, so it’s not a big deal. If anyone is interested, leave a comment, and I will cover the pens I use in another post.

Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
January journaling spreads 1
Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
January journaling spreads 2
Daily and Bullet Journaling in One Moleskine - January update
January journaling spreads 3

The difficult thing, for me at least, is not filling the page. I ramble, a lot. It’s easy to fill the page.  My difficult thing is still wondering what to journal about daily.  I don’t want to do themed journaling just yet.  I prefer to have it diary-style, so when I look back, it will give me an inkling of what happened that day, or what I was thinking.  Maybe life is too quiet and I need to jazz it up a bit?  Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “Journaling: Daily and Bullet in One Moleskine – January update

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Great photos! I love what you’re doing. I just started BuJo-ing, so it’s fun to see how others are implementing it. I took a Molskine lined journal that I had at home to start with. So far, I’m really liking the flexibility and fluidity I get with it I just started last week. What do you mean by “Hobonichi-insprired” style of journaling? I’ve seen that word, but don’t know what it means. TIA.

    • Hi Wendy, thanks for dropping by and leaving such nice comments 🙂 Glad to hear you’re enjoying the BuJo, I am too! The Hobonichi Techo, to give the correct name, is a a really popular planner/art journal. You can search on youtube for people like MyLifeMits or the official Hobonichi channel There are lots of examples of how people draw and art journal in their Hobonichi Techos.

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