Creating washi tape holders

Tip Thursday: Washi Tape Holders

For the planner nerds and stationery or washi tape junkies out there who like to carry around a stash of your favourite washi tapes, there’s no need to run out buy special folders or files for them.

Creating washi tape holders
Creating washi tape holders

Save up used or spare cards, such as hotel key cards or travel/transport cards, from your last vacation. Wind a few rounds of your favourite washi tapes around them. A credit-card-sized card can accommodate at least four to five (15mm) washi tapes. For security’s sake, don’t use credit / debit cards or anything with your name on them, even expired ones.

I made mine from: (top) expired EZ-Link card* and (bottom) an old hotel key card from when I was in Boston several years ago. They sat in my Midori kraft folder securely all through my Taiwan trip in July.

* An EZ-link card is a Singapore travel/transport card that is used on public transport, similar to the Oyster card in UK, or the Octopus card in Hong Kong.

If you don’t have any of these, try looking out for soft plastic packaging that’s easy to cut but can still hold its shape. Cut them to size, round the corners so you don’t accidentally poke yourself, and voila, a washi-tape holder!

Otherwise, get some fairly hard card stock or stack a few cards together. Cut to size and glue or laminate a plastic film securely around it. Round the corners if you want, and you’re done!

These washi tape holders are flat and light, easy to store and easy to carry around in your Midori kraft folder, a spare Hobonichi cover pocket, or your everyday carry pen case. They are also easy and cheap to make, even for those not gifted in the crafts department (like me)!

Hope you like my #tipthursday.  Let me know if you have any tips to share with fellow planner and stationery nerds!


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