Tip Thursday – Decorating A Black Journal Cover (for the artistically-challenged)

I missed out Tip Thursday, because I was wondering what to post about. It’s already midday Friday here in Singapore (hehe) but it’s still Thursday somewhere out there!

So today’s isn’t quite a TIP tip, but more of something to try out. I always hear people say “oh I can’t draw to save my life” and I am exactly the same: artistically challenged (and shy, ha!). Quick note: this is only for black journal covers, such as Moleskines, TWSBI notebooks, or the Miquelrius that a lot of American girls use.

So here’s a tip for people who want to decorate their journal covers (but are artistically-challenged or just plain shy)

Decorating a Moleskine cover
Decorating a Moleskine cover – use a black pen

Use a black pen! The drawing or sketch or whatever only shows up against the light. So you enjoy having a decorated cover, without having it intensely scrutinised by others.

Use ball-point pens, drawing pens (I like the Pilot drawing pen in 08) or markers.for easier and better effect. A thicker nib works best or you risk destroying a fine-tipped pen.

If you have a soft-covered Moleskine, you can place a sketch or drawing you like over the cover, and trace it on with a blunt ball-point pen or pencil. Just press slightly harder, and it will be etched lightly on the cover. Remove the drawing, draw everything in properly with a pen, and voila!

Give it a try and show off your ‘brand-new’ cover on Twitter @scribsnstat or Instagram @nicthegeek



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