NaJoWriMo – Let’s Do The October’15 Edition

So some might recall, or none at all, that I declared I would be doing NaJoWriMo (National Journal Writing Month) back in January. I discovered it late, around the middle of the month, so my declaration to journal (or at least cover) one page per day was already well on its way. I finished January on a positive note, but along the way several pages fell blank. I am still determined to go back and fill those pages with one paragraph, one quote or even one word, or even better, one sketch.

NaJoWriMo National Journal Writing Month October '15

Ok, cut the rambling. The main point of this post is, it’s NaJoWriMo again, the October edition. As a reminder, NaJoWriMo happens four times a year, in January, April, July and October. So I took part in the first, and am taking part again in the last, NaJoWriMo in 2015.

There’s a theme for this October’s NaJoWriMo: Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing.

There are also a few levels. The aim of the beginner level is to journal one page per day; right up my alley. At the advanced level (there’s no intermediate level), you write daily, and aim to write 15,000 words in that month. At the thematic level, you write daily according to prompts and themes given on the NaJoWriMo website.

I will probably do the beginner level again, as I still have not gained back the creativity and momentum of writing freely. Is it something about adults and growing up? Writing freely never seemed to be a problem way back when. Now when I try to write or journal freely, I just ramble on and on about nothing OR I get totally morose and depressing about it. Then again, it is about unleashing my creative mind, so the thematic level sounds interesting as well.  I just get writer’s block (journaler’s block) very easily now, and that block comes from not wanting to write something and then look back and want to change my mind about it. I am a very confused person, I think.

I will be doing it all in my Moleskine 2015 Daily Planner, which everyone is probably heartily sick of by now. (ha!) So honestly, NaJoWriMo is just an extension of my declaration or resolution to journal every single day this year. I hope I succeed!

Ok, stop! Here goes!

Are you going to do it? Follow me and retweet. Tweet using the hashtag #NaJoWriMo too so we can journal together in October. Follow @NaJoWriMo (or the hashtag #NaJoWriMoPrompt) on Twitter to get the daily writing prompts for the month of October, or head over to their website for updates.


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