October Stationery Favourites – Tape rollers, Uniball Signos and Daiso

Yet another month has come to an end, and this only means it’s time for another round of monthly stationery favourites.

October Stationery Favourites by Scribbles and Stationery

October Stationery Favourites by Scribbles and Stationery

a) Papermate E-Racer

I first came across these barrel erasers when I was in school. They made quite a impression (for me, at least) when they were first introduced, because before that I would always lose my erasers in class when they dropped off the table and bounced off into some dark, dusty corner. I doubt if Papermate even produces this particular model, the E-Racer, anymore.

b and g) Uniball Signo DX 0.38mm in Brown-Black and Emerald

I cannot get enough of the Uniball Signo DX 0.38mm. The brown-black is even a repeat favourite from September, that’s how much I love it. All my Uniball Signo DXs have featured largely in my Moleskine journal in the month of October and I particularly love these two colours, they are bright, easy to read, but yet not an in-your-face colour.

c) Tombow Pit Tape U Glue Tape (6mm x 10m)

I picked this up at random in Popular Bookstore several months back. The choices are endless at Popular Bras Basah, and it took me some time before deciding on this. I thought 10 metres would last me quite a while. Boy, was I wrong. Glue tape is really convenient for lazy people like me. Also I hate messing about with glue sticks and getting sticky messes everywhere because my table is really small.  This Tombow model is not refillable, unfortunately.

d) Coffee-themed deco tape roller (6mm x 4m)

This is a pretty cool cofffe (mug) themed deco tape roller I picked up on Taobao (China’s version of Amazon). At 6mm, the deco isn’t very big, but still very pretty. There’s only 4metres worth though, so I use it sparingly.October Stationery Favourites by Scribbles and Stationery

e) Correction Tape

This is just a no-brand correction tape. You can get correction tape in Singapore now anywhere and everywhere. Every single sundry shop, supermarket, stationery shop and mama stall sells them. The correction tape was another stationery invention that impacted the world as we knew it (no more messy gloopy correction fluid!), and now I cannot live without one.

f) Stackable Basket from Daiso

I have been trying ways and means to store my growing washi-tape plus stationery materials collection. I finally picked up a couple of these baskets from Daiso after seeing them around forever. They rock! My tapes fit, they no longer roll around messily in a box, and I can stack all my stationery/journaling junk together for easy access.

All items are purchased by, and belong, to me.


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