Scribbles and Stationery in 2015

Well, this is embarrassing, isn’t it. It’s already 2016! I hear you, but if I can take my time, I WILL take my time. So as everybody is well on their way into 2016, I am here wrapping up 2015 (ha).


I finally started getting into this blog here mid-year (after reading about, understanding and applying all sorts of blogging mastery) and the good stuff lasted a couple of months. I was happy with that.

I posted 33 (laughable!) posts in 2015, and a majority of them were actually themed, planned, and written properly. I woke up early on weekends to to take photographs (sunlight!), thought about lighting and backgrounds and later on even props, rather than just snap quick photos using my phone at my (very dark) computer desk.

September was my most productive month, as I really started getting into blogging and planning blog posts. Seeing my stats go up was also a huge encouragement (thanks for the love!).

September 23 still shows as the best day, views-wise. it was the day I posted this little nugget: Planning for 2016 – Planning My Layouts (Part 1).

Planner layouts for 2016 by scribbles and stationery

My Moleskine posts seem to have contributed to my 2015 statistics, so I must assume that there are still MANY Moleskine fans out there.

Other than this little post: Unboxing: Starbucks x Moleskine 2016 Starbucks Planner (Singapore Edition), my other Moleskine-related posts were the ones about my daily journaling in a moleskine, and my update about it eight months later.

However, things got a bit wonky as November rolled around. I was heading off for a 2-week holiday in London (heart-eyes!) and Paris (moah heart-eyes!) with all sorts of literary and journal-ly plans, but as things often happen for a not-very-good-planner, everything jams up together.




Work deadlines piled up at the office (everytime I go on holiday, my boss acts as if I’m taking off for 3 months), personal to-dos had to be taken care of, last-minute planning and arrangements with my travel mate (located 16 hours apart) and my bullet / daily journal turned into scraps of paper reminders.

The blog came to a screeching halt. Despite my life-long hopes, I am not a prolific writer at best, words do not flow off my finger-tips (no, a blog post does not get done in 30 minutes! *shakes fist*) and so, even though scheduling posts is a thing, I simply cannot do it without spending hours and hours which i did not have. (whisper: You can also blame it on my perfect procrastination skills).


I expected to pick up the blog again when I returned. However, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. Something happened during the trip and brought me back to Singapore prematurely, a day before I was due to hop on the Eurostar to Paris. Back home and exhausted, I was plunged into details and happenings and didn’t get much sleep. It was then straight back to work planning and hosting a work event, followed by hosting a friend’s weekend trip to Singapore. By then, it was mid-December and after one and a half months, I had just become plain lazy.


December was the worst month productively-speaking. I did not blog (well, one post about the Starbucks x Moleskine planner being available again), did not journal, didn’t even do anything stationery or planner or journal-related. I did make a list of ‘year-end blog topics’, if that makes a difference. But December was just…


By the time I straightened everything out, Christmas was practically over and the year was barreling straight into New Year’s.

And so here we are. 10 days into 2016.

Shall I still go ahead and do all the year-end posts? I expect I shall. Technically, for a Chinese person, the year doesn’t end till Lunar New Year rolls around. So expect some summary year-end posts! I refuse to even be embarrassed about it!


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