My Moleskine Planner 2016 January

Hello! It has been some time, hasn’t it. First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! It is now the second day of the Chinese or Lunar New Year, and to the Chinese, this always means a fresh start to the year. So let’s throw some new pens in the pen cup and get started.


It has been hard trying to pick up blogging again after such a long unscheduled break, but I decided to take advantage of the two days of public holidays and get stuck into my planners and stationery things again.

This is my 2016 Moleskine. It is a Innisfree x Moleskine 2016 Weekly Planner.  But you have the Starbucks one!? I hear you protest. Yes, I do, but it was Christmas!! (long story) Anyway, it is a bit different from the Starbucks one, so if you are interested in a review of it, leave a comment.


I know I moaned a lot about how I disliked the monthly calendar, but since Moleskine had decided to kill off the other layout that I liked, I had to make do. It took some doing, but here’s my January layout. I hope you like it, because I am rather on the fence about it.


There is a bit more to this planner, as you can see from the tabs at the side. But I am still struggling with how I want my layouts to look like, so hopefully there’s more to share later.

My 365daysTW daily journal is up in the corner too, and I’m still trying to fill up the pages for January as quickly as possible so I can catch up on a January flipthrough.

In the meantime, check back here or on my Twitter @scribsnstat for more updates!


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