My Top 5 + 1 Stationery Buys of 2015

This is late, I know.  I do feel awful about it.

Since this post is very late, let us jump straight in without any rambling, shall we?

Weekly planner layout by scribblesandstationery

5) Architecture-based washi tape

I love architecture and interior design. In fact, back in school, I initially studied to be an architectural draftsperson / interior designer until I realised that I had no talent, I did not find drafting fulfilling and I did not want to be a glorified contractor. (That being said, interior designers and architects are all that is glam nowadays. So I guess, right place wrong time for me). Anyway, I still love admiring architecture and poring over furniture catalogues now. Architecture-based washi tape is an obvious off-shoot of that.

From top to bottom: Kikusui washi tape (Architecture series – plans), unbranded from Taobao (cityscape), Kikusui story tape (Architecture series – tiles), unbranded from Taobao (world landmarks), unbranded from Tainan IoT (pre-war buildings in historical Tainan).


4) TWSBI Eco 1.1mm

I picked this up kind of by accident. I had noticed it on TWSBI’s Facebook page earlier, but was not paying particular attention to the release date. So it was a happy accident when I turned up for a pilgrimage to a popular fountain pen shop in Taipei, found eager fans waiting for the delivery and gratefully joined in the queue. It was also a big change for me in terms of nib size. I am a fine nib fan, and have always found medium and broad nibs to be cumbersome writing sizes. But after trying it out and liking it at the shop, and because the low cost, I thought why not. I am actually loving it a lot, so this establishes me as an extreme fine nib-ber or 1.1mm-er. Next stop 1.5mm (really?).


3) Pilot Hi-Tec C Coleto 5-Colour Pen

Read my review of it where I profess my undying love for it and for all gel ink pens. I still use it often, but I still am not used to fumbling with the changing of colours. Which is why I still use my Uniball Signo DX gel ink pens, all 12 of them, more often.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5 Color Multi Pen by Scribbles and Stationery

which brings us to

2) Uniball Signo DX UM-151 Gel Ink Pens, honourable mention for Brown Black

These have been, and currently still are, the pens I turn to whenever I need a writing instrument; my holy grail pens, you might call them. They occupy the place right at in the front of my six-slot pen holder, ready for my hands at any time. The brown-black deserves an extra special mention for being that amazing go-to colour that is so pleasing to the eye, clean on paper, and attention-grabbing, yet doing it without blinding my eyes in the process.

Weekly planner layout by scribblesandstationery

1) Moleskine 2015 Daily Planner, soft cover, large

I finally started daily journaling at my ripe old age of (hmm) and the Moleskine daily planner was my bound journal of choice. Yes, the brand was one the reasons I picked it up. I am shallow like that. But the size was another big push for me. It is THE perfect size for me, 13cm wide by 21cm high, especially the width. I have rather small hands, and I find a 13 cm wide book snuggles nicely in between my thumb and last finger without danger of slippage. The soft cover was the third push. Go ahead and roll one up in your hands. The cover will not crease or crack or warp and the spine will grow right along with you as your writing and inserts make it nice and chunky, and it is fairly splash-proof. Right now, my soft cover Moleskine 2015 daily planner is even more supple and soft than it was a year ago. I love it.In fact, as I type this out, I am nursing a huge regret for not buying it for 2016. But it is only February (smirk).

Moleskine Daily 2015 - end August

0) Honourable Mention – Traveler’s Notebook / Fauxdori

An honourable mention must go to the faux Traveler’s Notebook that I bought on Taobao, because $50 for the original is just far too much for me and I was afraid the TN habit would not grow on me. I am quite glad that I did, because I proved myself right. I LOVE the TN, I love how it looks, how it feels, how it handles, and carrying it around, and taking instagram photos of it, but I simply have not found the right use for it. It is now languishing on the floor of my room waiting forlornly for me to pick it up again. I need a reason. Give me one.

travelers notebook with juice

And so, as late as it is, these are my top 5 plus one stationery buys for 2015. I have not started buying or even eyeing any stationery yet for 2016. If you have anything to add to my to-buy list, comment! I await eagerly (chuckle).


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 + 1 Stationery Buys of 2015

  1. I know this is out of the article matter but, please, could you let me know which is the fountain pen showed on your blog heading picture??

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