stationery collection: Washi Tapes – Architectural Edition

Washi tapes, what’s not love about them. They are beautiful, quirky, colourful, useful and reuseable.


I was looking over my washi collection the other day. Why was I doing that? No, I was not admiring them, however much I love to do that all day. I was trying to shock myself into NOT buying more: there’s about 40 designs in my Taobao shopping cart, it’s a timebomb just waiting to explode.

Anyway, I came across these that I have been hoarding greedily, because I love them and some of the designs are kind of limited. After collecting washi tapes for a couple of years, I have slowed down somewhat (40 rolls in shopping cart notwithstanding), as I do prefer tapes with certain themes.  And architecture and city themed washi is totally right up my alley.


From top to bottom:

Kikusui Story Tape – Architecture series

Unknown from Taobao – Cityscape

Kikusui Story Tape – Architecture series

Unknown from Taobao – Famous Landmarks

Unknown from a shop in Tainan, Taiwan – Famous Buildings in Tainan, Taiwan

If you are ever in Taiwan or Hong Kong, drop by a stationery store or art materials store to pick up a few Kikusui story tapes. They are beautifully themed and designed.

As for the ones from Taobao, you can try searching on Alibaba (the global wholesale partner site in English) although I can’t promise any results. Quite a number of people do resell them on Etsy too, but it’s a lot harder to find there, since there are no brand names to go by.


3 thoughts on “stationery collection: Washi Tapes – Architectural Edition

  1. What? Washi tape is reusable? So far that’s one stationery item that I’ve avoided getting into, but it’s so gorgeous… and reusable. Maybe someday.

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