Planner Setup for 2016

After all that talk about planner setups for 2016, it’s finally at a stage where I like, but be warned, the setup is still in flux (ha!)


At the moment, there’s five planners / journals in my arsenal.  From top to bottom: 365daysTW (集日美工) Daily Journal A5 size; Chuyu Culture 2016 (Dated) Week At A Glance Cross Layout B6 size; Chuyu Culture 2016 (Dated) Week At A Glance Vertical Layout B6 size; Moleskine x Innisfree 2016 Weekly Planner; Moleskine x Starbucks 2016 Weekly Planner.

The plan was to use the A5 size on top as a daily journal, the next two dated B6 sizes as daily and expense trackers, the green Moleskine x Innisfree planner as a daily planner and the Moleskine x Starbucks planner as a blog editorial calendar.


Let’s see how it works out, shall we.

The journal is pretty much a wash-out. I am not enamoured of the size or the paper quality of the 365daysTW journal. The printed pages (a grid similar to the Hobonichi Techo) is in an ink dark enough to become distracting, so I quickly gave up on it. Truth be told, I miss my Moleskine Daily 2015. The journaling did not happen every single day, but I managed to fill in quite a bulk of it…and am quite proud of that chunky thing. If I were honest, I still feel like getting my hands on the 2016 one, despite the year being a quarter gone.

Moleskine Daily 2015 - end August

Moving on to the other two Taiwanese dated planners. I initially used the vertical day one (brown cover) as an expense tracker. Quality-wise, the paper is okay. It takes my Pilot 78G Fine rather well without feathering and with a tiny bit of ghosting, but I have to writer very gently.  I like the layout of the week at a glance, with the days laid vertically and a line for every hour of the day from 7am to midnight.  But it didn’t work for expense tracking. Not for me anyway, as the columns were just too narrow for me to fit everything in one line.


As for the other book (with the red cover), I didn’t use it much initially. Until I did a swap. So I started using it for expenses instead. Again, you get a week at a glance, with some empty note space before Monday, and each day is laid out shorter, with a line representing two hours from 8am to midnight.  It is the same paper quality as the other one. The columns are wide enough so I can get one expense item in per line, which is much neater, in my opinion.


As for the original expense tracker, I tried to turn it into a daily tracker, somewhat like a chronodex, just vertical. I actually liked it, but I just have not been motivated enough to track my days this way.  Mainly because other than weekends, my weekdays are mainly a big chunk of work in the day, and home / dinner / tv / youtube in the night, so it makes daily tracking rather pointless. And even for weekends, it only becomes interesting if I try to pack in a few activities, which doesn’t always every single weekend. I’ll see how this goes.


On to the main event, the daily / weekly Moleskine x Innisfree planner. Again with a Moleskine, no fountain pens allowed, so I am using mainly my Uniball Signo DX gel ink pens (0.38mm).  I did not do a review of this, as it is very similar to the Moleskine x Starbucks one. Innisfree is a Korean skincare / makeup brand, and this planner was a special edition they released in December 2015. You had to purchase some horrendous amount, S$100plus or something, to get it, but luckily I found someone selling it online.

It doesn’t have all the unnecessary stuff in the front, like the usual Moleskine, thumbs up for that, and has three main sections: the month on a spread from January to December 2016, immediately followed by two weeks on a spread featuring all 52 weeks in 2016, and then followed by a bunch of ruled pages, dotted pages and blank pages.


Most of you should have seen my monthly January layout already, if not, click here. Even though I have groused about this layout, I decided to make the most of it and use my stickers and stamps on them as a kind of a event / dates / mood tracker, by drawing inspiration from the Korean and Japanese planner community.

Because I am fixated on a Sunday-start week, I have been known to muck up Monday-start layouts. To fix that visually, I used a bright red dotted line to separate Friday from Saturday. I also separated the notes column (on the far right) which is also known to muck me up with skinny washi tape. Lastly, I then used a blue pen to write over the weekdays, and a red pen over the weekends. If I muck it up again, I truly deserve every single centimetre of correction tape I use in it.



This is the start of my March layout, where I wanted to go for a black/white/sepia toned page.


Moving on to the weekly layout. The two weeks in a spread is quite interesting, I have not seen this layout a lot, or even at all. I started out not knowing quite what to do with the space.


I wonder what happens to a hardcover Moleskine when there are too may inserts and tip-ins.


Slowly getting used to the space. I tried to do some mini-journalling by writing out what I felt about things that happened or that I came across during the day.


Using some stamps in February. I think the ink, which I bought on Taobao, is a dye-based ink, not pigment, so it turned out rather watery and became splotchy. I like the colour though. The smaller coffee cup stamps are also from Taobao, but being cheap and of lower quality, they are not sharp and do not work well.


Using the weekly to test and record some stationery purchases.


Despite trying to make the best of the monthly layout, I still decided to mock up the vertical month layout that Moleskine used to have. It is a bit redundant, but I wanted it around, just in case I got tired of the month on a spread layout.


I used a similar colour code that I had set up in my 2015 planner: blue for weekdays, pink for weekends and public holidays.


I use this layout mainly as a three month at a glance, and for major events only, so that it makes future planning somewhat more convenient, as I don’t have to keep flipping between months / pages.


Right after this, I have my “summarised” bullet journal layout. Despite loving the bullet journal last year, I did not want to use the full bullet journal layout again here, as it can cause a LOT of redundant recording given that there are THREE different calendars already in this planner.


As such, I only use the monthly / task spread for now. I do like this spread, as I can get reminded of tasks / things that I wanted to do in the past months that I never got to doing, and to ensure that I have current and future tasks (necessary or not) to work towards and keep myself busy and productive.


How about the Moleskine x Starbucks, I hear you ask? Ah yes, well, that is still a work in progress (or maybe even not all) so I am not quite sure what I can promise on that one.

As I said, this setup is still in flux, despite it being almost April. I have a couple of other layouts (habit tracker or expense tracker) I would like to try together with the ‘short’ bullet journal. I am also toying with the Moleskine Daily idea still, so there might be more changes and updates to come!



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