Planners for 2017 – What I Plan to Use

It’s that time of the year when I suddenly come to life after having gone missing forever!  I have toned down my stationery buying habit this year for both budget and space reasons, plus other thoughts, which explains the radio silence.

Planners for 2017 Typo, Moleskine and Starbucks

But this time of year! There are so many planners to browse through and ponder over which will be the best for the upcoming year, and each one I lay my hands on breathes more life back into me (laugh).


Ta-da! Presenting the three I have narrowed down to could not resist buying! There is actually a fourth on the way (cringe), but that does not ship out from Taiwan till 1 Nov, and I have been holding off unwrapping these babies for almost three weeks!

All three are bound journals, easily my favourite style, and in similar sizes. The Typo one is true A5 size, while the two Moleskines are slightly narrower. The Typo and Starbucks x Moleskine ones are hard cover, although the Typo has a soft cushiony feel to it. The black Moleskine is a soft cover, which I first started using in 2015, and missed using throughout 2016.

I think four should be enough, or perhaps too much. Honestly, I have my eye on another Typo, the same weekly style, just in a different faux brown leather cover for the office. But

I have had a couple of comments already from friends telling me be more environmentally-friendly, or just use an app (not the first, and will not be the last, time I hear this, sigh).

There will be reviews for all three planners coming up soon! For those who cannot wait, here is a sneak peek.

Sneak Peek Typo Weekly 2017 Buffalo Planner
Sneak Peek Typo Weekly 2017 Buffalo Planner
Starbucks x Moleskine Planner 2017 (Singapore) January What Does The Future Hold?
Sneak Peek Starbucks x Moleskine Planner 2017 (Singapore)

In the meantime, look at the prettiness of these planners!



7 thoughts on “Planners for 2017 – What I Plan to Use

  1. Have you been able to do a pen test on any of the planners yet? I’m thinking about the Typo one but I’m worried the paper will be too thin and have too much show-through. I’ve been spoiled by my Plum Paper Planner and its lovely paper.

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