Not A Review: The Moleskine Daily Planner 2017

Here is the third planner that I talked about in my Planners for 2017 post. I thought it would be interesting to do photo comparisons against my 2015 one, and see how a brand-new Moleskine stands up against a used one (85% but still fairly used). Read on if you like that sort of thing.

A quick look at the 2017 Moleskine Daily Planner first. There are not many major changes from the last one I had, the 2015 one.

Don’t you just love it when the planner comes all nice and new and wrapped in plastic? It’s like Christmas everytime you get one.

Paper comes from responsible sources“. I wonder if they actually reveal exactly where the paper comes from and how it is made.

There is an extra yearly calendar behind the wrapper slip, as with all the Moleskines I have encountered (not a lot though).

Biggest change of all! The sticker designs are totally different. I forgot to get a picture of the old standard ones that used to come with most Moleskine planners. I definitely like the designs and colours of these a lot better though.

The colours appeal to me a lot more, rather than the previous green and grey ones. There are no more ‘word’ stickers, instead, two of the sticker sheets are all icons. The black sheet is are letter stickers and the font is beautiful! That will be a pretty interesting and fun addition.

Another big change that I noticed is, the print has gotten a lot darker.

If you click and see a larger copy of the picture below, you will see the print in the 2015 (top) is quite a bit lighter than the 2017 (bottom).

The temperature and weather icons are also darker in the 2017.

Another noticeable change: they have gone and indicated public holidays on the daily pages! Not good! Not good at all! It isn’t a major thing, but on certain days such as New Years’ and Christmas, you do get quite a bit of wasted space at the top of the page.  I do find it an unnecessary addition.

A closer look with 2015 on the left, and 2017 on the right.

Finally, here’s a wear and tear comparison!

2015 is on the right.  My 2015 planner got quite chunky by the end of the year, even though I did not utilise 100% of the pages.  But you can see it held up quite well.  Of course, I left it at home all the time, so it was spared the extreme wear and tear an everyday carry planner might be subject to.

A back view, and you can also see how much the 2015 expanded after taking all I chucked into it.

Not much wear and tear on the back, again because it was a ‘leave at home’ planner, rather than an everyday carry.

Switch of sides, sorry! The 2015 is on the left. This is another thing I love about the soft cover Moleskine: how well the spine holds up.With everything I chucked at it throughout the year, inserts, tickets, postcards, stickers, the spine just took everything in its stride and expanded right along.

I really did insert quite a bit, especially at the beginning of the planner, where there were so many ‘wasted’ pages. I showed some of those pages in my post about my experiment with bullet journalling.

I am looking forward to daily journalling again in this hefty little tome. Hopefully I will be motivated to achieve as much as I did in 2015. I would be quite satisfied with that.

Which planners are you using in 2017?


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