Scribbles and Stationery – My 2016

I started this post back in October or November, but never came back to it again. So even though it’s massively late, and everyone has already forgotten there was a 2016, here’s a quick summary of my 12 months of 2016.

Jan / Feb are always busy months. It’s the start of the business year, and everything has to be planned and put in place. It’s also the end of the year, and the beginning of Chinese New Year, which means massive spring cleaning. This year, being the first year after my papa’s passing, also means a lot of traditions to look after, which makes it busier.

Looking back, I always stop blogging in January, using all these as excuses, and never picking up again till the middle of the year or more. I hope it’s one thing I can avoid in 2017. I missed not having the Moleskine Daily even though I don’t write it in religiously every single day.

My Moleskine Daily - September Flip-Through by Scribbles and Stationery

Finally in March, I decided on my planner lineup for 2016.  Health-wise, something went click in my knee as I was running for the bus. It hurt like mad for a couple of weeks, and after that all forms of exercise (walking, jogging) became taxing. I went to a live orchestra performance: the Iconic Film Scores of John Williams Star Wars and Beyond. I love symphonic orchestra playlists on Spotify.


In April, I usually put in an order at Taobao, after they clear out their Chinese New Year backlog. Most, if not all, of China goes on a fortnight’s hiatus, which means no shipments! I did a major stationery haul with planner stickers, clear stamps, washi tapes, water brushes and calligraphy nibs. Health-wise, I finally went for my first-ever orthopedic appointment and the doctor diagnoses premature osteo-arthritis.  He asks for massive weight loss through diet and exercise. I saw Benedict Cumberbatch! On screen! It was the TV screening of National Theatre’s Hamlet. I miss taking literature classes.

It’s May and I am still keeping up with my Korean language studies. I tried to restart Pilates lessons, but my heart wasn’t in it. Surprisingly, I miss jogging.  We visited Budgetpantry because CBB is born! *many hearts*

In June, I did another stationery haul from china via Taobao. It’s really addictive. This time I have decorush tapes, more clear stamps, and a few acrylic blocks. But I don’t use them, my heart just isn’t in it. We saw Budgetpantry again for CBB’s full month celebrations. They are both adorbs. Culturally, I watched Les Miserables, the live musical for the first time in my life. I cannot believe I waited so long for this. *hearts* I continue listening to the soundtrack on Spotify for months.

July marked my fourth trip to Seoul, but my first solo one. I visited palaces, museums and parks because the weather is gorgeous. I also sign up for cooking classes, and made kimchi with my own hands! I paid a visit to Alpha building in Namdemun Market, but did not buy too much. Somehow, my heart isn’t in it for many things.

Using the Uniball Signo DX UM-151 for colouring in a Moleskine daily journal

It’s already August! Happy birthday to me! Mayday comes to celebrate my birthday for two nights! It’s what I tell myself.

By September, the rush of the year is beginning to wind down, and the final stretch looms large in my eyes. I finally buck up and start blogging again.

In October, as you recall, I went a bit mad going on a planner shopping spree for 2017. It’s as if I wanted to make up for the slacking in the first three-quarters. Tech-wise, I attended a Build a WordPress Website workshop, very interesting and useful. I wish I had time to sit down and really build my wordpress website with my own two hands. Otherwise, it’s Mayday again, with a short weekend getaway to KL for their concert.


In November, the trip that we have been planning for finally rolls around. Osaka and Kyoto! Finally I go back to Japan after 7 years. The Changi Recommends Wifi router is very useful *thumbs up*  My black Midori went along. I cut some thick paper for collecting travel stamps because of too many previous failed attempts. Although I’m still not into the Midori for daily journaling, it’s good for travel because it is soft, and I can keep it slim. Because it was Japan, I was hoping for a massive Japanese stationery haul, but in the end I did just a small one. I was rather disappointed, but there were too many places to visit and things to see, and everything was rather above my budget. I also couldn’t find or did not buy what I really wanted. Once I was back in Singapore, I rushed to the cinema to watched Fantastic Beasts. I love Eddie Redmayne and ginger Englishmen 🙂


It’s December already and I’m still trying to get in the mood to be ready for 2017. I already have a few planners in store for 2017 but none of them are the “perfect” one. I have also been meaning to destash some old notebooks/journals, some stationery and washi tape but I doubt if that will be done either. I do something naughty that distracts me even further, by flying to Taipei for 5 days over the New Year weekend. Mayday was having a series of retrospective concerts, reliving all their old ones from 2001 till present. I had tickets, how could I not!? It also meant paying a few visits to some stationery meccas: Tools To Live By and Vision Stationery. I didn’t buy much again, but I got some Blackwings which I have been meaning to show you. Great way to start / end the year!

3 thoughts on “Scribbles and Stationery – My 2016

    • haha thanks littlemom! I cannot draw la, but I can copy. You don’t have to do it daily, a short while once or twice a week is good enough. Can even do it with your older 2, i think they should be able to understand the concept of 日記? something to challenge for 2017 🙂

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