Why Me?

Ok, first off. From  Oxford Dictionaries (emphasis is mine)

StationEry | noun | Definition: Writing and other office materials

StationAry | adjective | Definition: Not moving or not intended to be moved

Moving on.

I love paper in all its bound forms: books, novels, notebooks, excercise books, diaries, notepads, almost anything that’s gorgeously designed that you can write in. Which is strange, because I love gadgets too! That’s the irony of me but it’s a whole other story. My craving for every shiny new gadget on the scene has mellowed, I love my current smartphone, but yet I feel that the only way to go is via paper and pencil/pen.

Pencils and pens, my other downfall.  Ever since I was a child spending my parents’ hard-earned money at the school bookshop, buying more pencils and rubbers (erasers!) than I could ever finish using.

I can be rather nerdy when it comes to notebooks and diaries and can spend hours in a stationery shop/ bookstore lovingly looking at each item (even the ones which cost fifty cents) before deciding what to buy.  Although in recent years, I have mellowed (read: matured, grown old) and do not really have a taste for cutesy stationery. That is not to say, I will not fall once or twice.

I do however not love Moleskines.  Why? I have no idea. I just have no love for Moleskines, and will never spend money on them.  Trust me to always go back on my words.

Ever since I bought my first Moleskine, I haven’t stopped.  Yes, I know they’re overhyped and overpriced, but the size of it, the feel of it (especially the soft cover ones) and the paper feels just right, for me.  I’m still trying to find a cheaper replacement though.  All suggestions welcome.

Currently I have a small little collection of notebooks and diaries, mostly cheap and mostly in pristine condition, but none of them luxury.  What I’d like to get my hands on right now  is a Midori Traveller’s Notebook to start off my luxury notebook collection. And of course, visit more stationery and bookstores to check out and, hopefully, buy more notebooks, journals, pens and pencils!


One thought on “Why Me?

  1. Hi,

    I’m Andy from CamNote.

    CamNote is a special notebook that, thanks to its special markings, digitises handwritten notes using the CamNote app. (http://www.camnote.com/)

    We’d love to send you free notebooks (A5 & A7) to get to know what you think, and possibly do a review on, if you like the product.

    If you’re interested, send me an address, and we’ll get them to you asap 🙂
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Andy Davis
    CamNote – Smartphone Scannable Notes

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