Stationery Haul – Kyoto and Osaka Edition

Most, if not all, stationery nerds, know that Japan is a mecca for stationery lovers. So here’s my stationery haul from my ten-day trip to Kyoto and Osaka!

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stationery collection: Washi Tapes – Architectural Edition

Washi tapes, what’s not love about them. They are beautiful, quirky, colourful, useful and reuseable.


I was looking over my washi collection the other day. Why was I doing that? No, I was not admiring them, however much I love to do that all day. I was trying to shock myself into NOT buying more: there’s about 40 designs in my Taobao shopping cart, it’s a timebomb just waiting to explode.

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Unboxing: 365daysTW (集日美工) Daily Journal + Washi Tape

Yet another daily journal, you ask? Yes! Another one! This is a daily journal by another Taiwanese company 集日美工, known simply in English as

Unboxing: 集日美工 365daysTW Daily Journal + Washi Tape

Prior to my previous haul of the Chuyu Culture journals, I left some questions in a Taiwanese journaling Google+ group, and someone pointed me to the Facebook page of, saying that their paper quality was much better. So let’s unbox this and test it out.

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