My Rant About The Planner Community…But I’m Back

So…I have been away. Am I back now? Perhaps.

Why did I disappear? I could give a very valid excuse and say I have been busy. It is true. If you read through my 2015 posts, I ‘faded out’ after January, I stopped bullet journaling in April and then became crazy productive from August to October. It does work out that my heaviest workloads tend to come during that period of time. Ironically, I have been busy writing for work, so I had to neglect writing for this blog.

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pages are made of paper – work in progress

I love paper in all it’s binded forms: books, novels, notebooks, excercise books, diaries, notepads, almost anything that’s gorgeously designed that you can write in. Which is strange, because I love gadgets too! Apples, Androids, PSPs. That’s the irony of me. Someone who wants every shiny gadget that comes on the market, but yet believes that the only way to GTD is via paper and pencil.

I’m pretty dorky when it comes to notebooks and diaries and can spend hours in a stationery/bookstores analysing each one (even the ones which cost fifty cents) before deciding what to buy.  I do however not love Moleskines.  Why? I have no idea. I just have no love for Moleskines, and will never spend money on them.

Currently I have a small little collection of notebooks and diaries, mostly cheap and mostly in pristine condition, but none of them luxury.  What I’d like to get my hands on right now  is a Midori Traveller’s Notebook to start off my luxury notebook collection. And of course, visit more stationery and bookstores to check out and, hopefully, buy more notebooks!