National Journal Writing Month…Again!

I missed out on NaJoWriMo this year. My reason, a rather lame one, was because I did not have my Moleskine Daily Planner, as I did in 2015.

Maybe it is time to get back into the habit again.  NaJoWriMo has … upsized … since I last did it in 2015.  It now takes place four times a year, in January, April, July, and October. So basically it is the start of every quarter, my busiest times of the year.  Naturally. (laugh)

In 2015, I didn’t follow the rules exactly. Yes, I did write in my journal every day, or I went back to fill up the page if I did miss a day.  I’m wondering what level to tackle this year.

Beginner Level: Write one journal entry per day, no matter the length, for 30 days.

Advanced Level: Write 5,000 words of journal writing for the month.

Thematic Level: Keep a journal for a specific purpose and share some of your entries, e.g., a gratitude journal, a travel journal, a collection of memoir pieces, a goal achievement journal, a problem-solving, a relationship journal, a friendship journal, a school journal, a career journal, a social issues journal.

I do still worry about writing too much in my journals, because I don’t lock them up, and my mum has a habit of (a) looking through my stuff (even though I am an old grown woman) and (b) rushing into my room without knocking or warning, especially when I writing at my desk.

Maybe I will just do a mix of all three levels. I do enjoy keeping travel journals, although they tend to turn out more scrap-tastic rather than an in-depth, thought-provoking piece about my encounters with another country.

If you don’t journal regularly, and are wondering what you can do, take a look at a NaJoWriMo preparation list I did.

If you are interested in learning more about National Journal Writing Month, or if you already journal, but want to share more with other journalers, head over to the NaJoWriMo site.

Unboxing: 365daysTW (集日美工) Daily Journal + Washi Tape

Yet another daily journal, you ask? Yes! Another one! This is a daily journal by another Taiwanese company 集日美工, known simply in English as

Unboxing: 集日美工 365daysTW Daily Journal + Washi Tape

Prior to my previous haul of the Chuyu Culture journals, I left some questions in a Taiwanese journaling Google+ group, and someone pointed me to the Facebook page of, saying that their paper quality was much better. So let’s unbox this and test it out.

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