Starbucks 2018 planner by Moleskine – It’s almost here!

The Starbucks Planner by Moleskine has been one of the features of my planner line-ups in the last couple of years.  2018 is no exception. I’ve been waiting eagerly for the announcement since the beginning of September, as Starbucks Singapore typically announces the line-up around the middle of the month.


I have not received the email yet, but I finally had time after a busy work to devote myself to this hobby again, and look what a quick Google search turned up!

Truth be told, I am not wow-ed by the designs and colours. I already bought the mint last year, so it is a pity they repeated the colour again.  The pink one appeals to me, but it looks a lot like the berry Rhodia goalbook that I just reviewed last week.

The other two, a dark denim and a light denim, look pretty cool. However I am not a fan of fabric covers, and I prefer my covers to be very understated.  That busy star pattern is not buying me over.

The Starbucks 2018 planner by Moleskine likely will not be in stores until a week or so later though.  Last year it hit stores only 2 to 3 days after I received the email. I remember because I rushed to the store near me on the same day, and ended up confusing the staff asking for merchandise they knew nothing of.

What I would not give though, for daily page Starbucks x Moleskine planners, like the ones Starbucks Korea released at the end of last year. So pretty!




Starbucks Saturday – September 2017

Even though I live in a tropical climate and we do not get seasons, I still love autumn. The weather finally turns cool, and the colours of autumn foliage are so gorgeously rich during this season.Everything is less hectic and chaotic somehow. I love taking my holiday trips during autumn.

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