Planning for 2016 – A Series

My love for planners and journals stems very naturally from my love of stationery. But I have never been creative, so as a child and even as a young adult, I couldn’t think of how to use planners and journals except as appointment keepers.  Deep in my mind, I knew that there was a lot more to it than just keeping dates and times.


Back in 2015, after starting to blog about stationery, I came across the very inspiring planner and journaling community, and decided to to pick up the habit again as a way to become more organised, more creative and more mindful in my daily life.

However, there are so many things that can, or not, go into a planner or journal, and not planning to use our precious collections of bound paper treasures can lead to a lot of waste and regret. Planning your life, tracking your habits, deciding what formats you like, finding out what styles suit you and your lifestyle. These are all important questions to ask yourself, and plan out, before you even dive headlong into this amazing world.This is why I came up with my series of Planning for 2016.

Planning for 2016 – Planning My Layouts (Part 1)
The lifestyle you lead can drastically affect the types, formats, sizes and layouts of planners you use. Do you use a pre-printed format, or do you come up with your own?

Planning for 2016 – The Bullet Journal (Part 2)
There is so much going on in a bullet journal. It can be literally your life in bullet points on paper. It is also highly customisable, so consider what you need and don’t need.

Planning for 2016 – Tracking Your Life (Part 3)
Tracking the most minute details of your life may not appeal to everyone. But some details are worth the extra look. As a budget-conscious stationery lover, expenses and savings are important to me. What’s yours?

I loved doing this series of blog posts. I think I actually might like the part about planning for planners, rather than the actual planners themselves. Regardless, I hope this helps you or somebody else along their planner journey too.